Promotional material

This includes materials like brochures, flyers, banners, and digital content designed to attract and inform potential customers, ultimately driving sales and brand awareness.


involves strategic activities aimed at raising awareness, interest, and engagement with a product, service, or event. It encompasses various marketing techniques such as advertising, public relations, discounts, or special offers, aiming to attract and retain customers, increase visibility, and drive sales or participation. The goal is to influence perception, generate interest, and encourage action among […]


A project is a coherent set of activities co-financed from a programme, aimed at achieving clearly defined and measurable objectives. A project includes eligible and non-eligible project activities that contribute to the fulfilment of evaluation conditions, and the achievement of the goals and purpose of the project. A project is implemented within a specified time […]


means the basic strategic document of thematic, financial and technical nature for a particular thematic area or territory with a description of concrete objectives and priorities for using the EU funds in the 2021– 2027 programming period, which the Member State wants to achieve in the thematic area/priority and how they are to be achieved, […]