Copyright Issues

Copyright is a legal protection from an original work of authorship that you produce.Copyright as an intellectual property protection covers many things, and it’s important to know what is and isn’t able to be protected under copyright. Copyright law applies to many types of materials in business, science, education, the arts and more.

Channel Manager System

is a tool used in travel industries to streamline inventory management across multiple online booking channels. It centralizes control, synchronizes availability and rates, and automates updates in real-time. This system helps businesses efficiently distribute room inventory and optimize pricing strategies across various online platforms.

Community-led Local Development

Community-led local development focuses on a specific territory (the territorial scopes of local action groups), is led by local action groups composed of entities that represent public and private subregional socio-economic interests, and in which no public authorities defined according to national regulations nor any of the interest groups have the decision-making majority, it is […]